5 thoughts on “photo out of context

  1. Sarah Pavis Post author

    It is. I wanted to also include this link in the post but couldn’t find an elegant way to do it. The via already seemed a bit much.

    Denis Wood has created an atlas unlike any other. Surveying Boylan Heights, his small neighborhood in North Carolina, he subverts the traditional notions of mapmaking to discover new ways of seeing both this place in particular and the nature of place itself. Each map attunes the eye to the invisible, the overlooked, and the seemingly insignificant.

  2. Sheila Ryan

    This is a pissy observation, perhaps, but here’s a thing that really angers me when I see road kill on the back roads here in the Back of Beyond of northwestern Illinois: Be they locals or turistas, don’t people realize that most animals use different highway systems than we auto-driving animals travel? Just because it doesn’t look like a crossing to most auto drivers does not mean it isn’t a common crossing for other critters.

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