35 thoughts on “dear clusterflock

  1. Josh Weichhand

    The Boston Terrier, also having been known as the Boston Bull or the Bull Terrier, is the first truly American breed. He’s nicknamed the American Gentleman for his black and white coat, which resembles a tuxedo. They also tend to have very good posture and at least in the case of ours, a taste for Dark & Stormy’s.

    I hate that French Bulldogs are so trendy. Who the fuck wouldn’t want a Boston Terrier, seriously?

  2. jch

    Irish wolfhound. The wife says I look like one, but I disagree–not enough careworn Jew in its profile.

  3. Sheila Ryan

    Rin Tin Tin. Or maybe Baxter — “le chien qui pense”. Or le chien andalou.

    Wait I know. Dogue de Bordeaux.

    I once stayed in a pension in Arles where a dogue de Bordeaux lived. He was very old and he was blind and his name was BoDo. We called him BoDo-Saved-from-Drowning.

  4. Rich Marotti

    “The mongrel dog with a black patch over a white face, furry on top and sleek down below because a lion shagged a whippet, that’s the one! That’s the one that goes on and nicks your credit cards and drives to the Bahamas!”

  5. Rick Neece

    I’ve not seen a Boston Terrier since C’flock II, when I haven’t thought of Moose. Love.

    My heart belongs to Hugo. I miss him.

  6. Rick Neece

    I reluctantly bring this up again, but I feel the need.

    this series (Scroll down to Ronya and Moose.) makes me unspeakably happy and unspeakably sad. I miss Ronya.

  7. Deron Bauman

    Vizslas are *beautiful*. Kathy posted a link in the past couple months that got me to a picture of a dog I immediately fell in love with. I can’t remember the context of the link, or I’d find it. I assume the dog was a pit mix. He was a beautiful white with a few brown spots. Pretty much the embodiment of my perfect dog.

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