Hüzün in the ruins of defeat

«It is the failure to experience hüzün that leads him to feel it, he suffers because he has not suffered enough, and it is by following this logic to conclusion that Islamic culture has come to hold hüzün in high esteem.»—Orhan Pamuk

More on Istanbul reading Pamuk.

3 thoughts on “Hüzün in the ruins of defeat

  1. Sheila Ryan

    Okay, that does it. I am embarrassed to say that I think I posted something about Pamuk in the early days of clusterflock — and had not read a word. I’m fixing to read.

  2. Derek White Post author

    Gracias, si, was impressed by the Turkish adaptability—progressive & forward thinking. And I liked the cats. Rome used to have a lot of cats, but not as many any more. But they are also for the most part well-loved & well-fed here, which says a lot about a country, how they treat their “stray” animals. You can walk up to any cat or dog in Turkey or Italy & it won’t flinch or run away or bite.

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