I am posting this post

because to now I have posted 1964 posts. So this will be 1965. And that was a beautiful year. I was just old enough to know that I wanted to be a grown-up woman. In 1965.

At least one of those grown-up women in the movies. Or to have a hit record.

6 thoughts on “I am posting this post

  1. Sheila Ryan Post author

    From The Limey:

    Peter Fonda (as Terry Valentine). Flossing his teeth as his nubile girlfriend wallows in the bath:

    Did you ever dream about a place you never really recall being to before? A place that maybe only exists in your imagination? Some place far away, half remembered when you wake up. When you were there, though, you knew the language. You knew your way around. That was the sixties. [Pause] No. It wasn’t that either. It was just ’66 and early ’67.* That’s all there was.

    *Update: Actually, I think that’s a misquote. What I remember, at any rate, is much better. Something like: “Just the first few months of 1966.”

  2. Rick Neece

    Sheila, I noticed earlier today you had 1963 posts. I thought it a marker but I didn’t say anything at the time. Congratulations!

  3. Sheila Ryan

    Shucks. Aw, heck, you noticed. That makes me smile.

    Still woefully behind Simone.

    To say nothing of Bauman!

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