17 thoughts on “Like shooting fish in a barrel

  1. Deron Bauman

    If I can catch all of this fishes, and then put them in a barrel, I already have the fish, before I put in a barrel, I do not need to shoot them, they are already here, in my bag, in my big bag of plastic.

  2. Rick Neece

    Idioms. WTF? You know? I know shooting fish in a barrel is, like, easy. But he has a point. Sheila? From whence does this idiom come?

    When we have cake in the house, we send it home with people. We don’t need cake in this house. We’re big enough already.

  3. Sheila Ryan

    That does it, Ricky Cameron. Weekend in the Twin Cities. Nye’s Polonaise. And that drinkin’ spellin’ bee at that bar on a night when Brian Beatty is judgin’.

  4. Daryl Scroggins

    I wonder what he would think of cake farts? “What gives to all the bathroom bakery hew-ma?”

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