19 thoughts on “spam name

  1. Sheila Ryan

    MGS says that if you order four phones, you get a free “Top Gun” Mission Impossible T-shirt.

  2. Carole Corlew

    It was my stalker, Siri, who bugs me endlessly but does not understand my accent. I knew there would be punishment when I yelled leave me alone I hate you stupid yankee phone.

  3. Sheila Ryan

    Stupid Yankee phone. That did it, Cece.

    My troubles began when I switched hy home page from Google to DuckDuckGo. Somebody Somewhere put me down as a troublemaker.

    See also: Conspiracy theory.

  4. Sheila Ryan

    Sample email message from friend:

    You laugh now, but tomorrow you might say, “Maybe I SHOULD merge my actual with my bogus persona and become a hawker . . . . After all, look at how successful the “Progressive Insurance” lady is on TV and radio? Perky, too . . . .”

  5. Carole Corlew

    These things sprout mischief, don’t be fooled by them. I have a wireless mouse, for instance, that refused to work for weeks. I just knocked it off the desk, not on purpose. But it works now.

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