anecdote retold as a text made into a post

Amy’s dance teacher, Tambra, is in her eighties.

When she married her second husband, she’d been alone for a while, and was used to sharing her bed with her dogs, two dachshunds.

The new husband didn’t want to sleep with the dogs, but instead of getting the dogs to sleep elsewhere, they moved to a guest room and gave the dogs the master bed.

The guest room began to be referred to as the sex room.

One day Tambra was changing sheets when a friend of hers, Hassie, called. Hassie asked Tambra what she was up to, and Tambra said, “Oh, fixing up the sex room.”

A little while later, Hassie ended up in the hospital, and Hassie’s brother, Cecil, went to visit her.

In the waiting room at the hospital was another woman who went to Tambra’s church named Ruth Ann Parish. Apparently, Ruth Ann Parish was Tambra’s spitting image.

Cecil crept up behind her, leaned in, and said, “I hear you’ve got a sex room.”

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