9 thoughts on “Despair

  1. excitedstoat

    (I shall now be appending “and despair” to my tweets the way one used to add “in bed” or “with a goat.” Or perhaps I’ll just use all three. “You will have a tumultuous future. In bed. With a goat. And despair.”)

  2. Sheila Ryan

    [Fishes about in wallet. Plucks out slips of paper saved from recent lunches in Chinese restaurants.]

    The time is right to make a new friend in bed with a goat — and despair.

    Everything will now come your way in bed with a goat — and despair.

  3. Rick Neece

    I would like to have Dickeyville as an address. Also, I’m reminded of Merlin in Boorman’s “Excalibur.” If not a direct quote, “Look into the eye of the dragon and despair.” I hoped to find a link to a clip, what I found was a link to the Prelude to Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde. Part of the soundtrack of Excalibur and more recently to Von Trier’s “Melancholia.”

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