All the Different Doughnuts

At Serious Eats, we care about the big questions. “What’s the difference between Sicilian-style pizza and grandma pizza?” “What’s the difference between a slider and a mini-hamburger?” And, more recently, “What are all the different styles of doughnut?”

Because there are cake and yeasted and crullers and fritters, cider and potato and sour cream, malasadas and beignets and churros—wait, do we count churros? We’ll get to that later.

Come meet all the different doughnuts in this great land.

35 thoughts on “All the Different Doughnuts

  1. Rick Neece

    Actually, I worked in a Bakery years ago. I got as big as I’d ever been, up until then, (or until now) on White Cake Doughnuts with Chocolate frosting.

  2. Rick Neece

    I especially like those ones that fried after they busted their skins in the fryer. IMHO, the extra-crunchy was good.

  3. Sheila Ryan Post author

    I posted the photo of the standard glazed doughnut because that is my ideal doughnut. Lone Star Donuts on Zang (then Zangs) Boulevard in Oak Cliff (Dallas, Texas) when I was a kitten. A dozen. Warm. In a box. Riding home in the car with my mother and father and that box of warm, shimmery, sugary doughnuts.

  4. Sheila Ryan Post author

    I try, I try, y’all know I try, I try to eat up alla the good things. And I love them. I do. I can eat the fuck out of green beans and quinoa and blueberries and spinach. I really can. But damn, do I love grease.

  5. Sheila Ryan Post author

    And pork. Ooh, baby, do I love me some pork.

    Oh. And cheese. I can’t help myself. I can stuff myself all up with cheese.

    Oh, honey.

  6. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Me, too! Can you meet me at the Culver’s on the west edge of Galena? We can have Cheddar ButterBurgers with Bacon. And Concrete Mixers. And Chili Cheddar Fries. And Cheese Curds.

  7. Sheila Ryan Post author

    They have salad. Cranberry Bacon Bleu Salad with Grilled Chicken. Seriously. It’s grilled. Not fried. It’s healthy. And there are cranberries in there with the bacon and bleu cheese.

  8. Carole Corlew

    Krispy Kreme. I may have told this. Mr. Boudreaux was handed a box of Krispy Kremes after soccer practice and took off running like a shot. I was yelling “what are you doing??????” But the boy was gone. When he finally showed back up, he admitted he did not want to share the Krispies. He was an only who had been very generous in a bid to have friends around, always. But he was completely powerless over Krispy Kremes. And he wasn’t one bit sorry about it.

  9. Erica Braverman

    You had me at Cheese Curds. I’ll swing by Rick’s on my way out of work. Then off to Galena we go.

  10. Erica Braverman

    I guess I shouldn’t tell you about the Krispy Kreme bread pudding my sister made. It was for a white trash food party. I wish I could remember what everyone else brought. Shelia, come over and I’ll make you a raw kale salad. With apples and currants.

  11. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Maybe I could eat a Krispy Kreme bread pudding. The last time I ate at a Chicago restaurant (after eating at Hema’s Kitchen the night before), I did order a seaweed salad.

    And (okay) that drink with the Tanqueray and the Midori. Okay. Two of them.

  12. Carole Corlew

    Erica, a couple of Krystal burgers and some of that Krispy Kreme pudding would pull me down from my dietary high horse any day of the week. Especially if the Krispies had been hot out of the oven, not stale. I hope they played Elvis during the party.

  13. Michael Grant Smith

    When I was a little kid and we lived in South Haven, Michigan for a while, the house my family rented had one of those old electric ranges with the built-in deep fat fryer. Please remember this was back before unhealthy fried food was invented.

    My mom would buy pre-made doughnut dough, the kind in a tube (like biscuits or crescent rolls). She’d pop ’em open and separate the flat die-cut doughnut parts and fry them. The doughnut holes, fresh out and almost too hot to eat, were golden heaven. We’d sprinkle powdered sugar on them sometimes. Is there anything better than fresh, homemade doughnuts? No.

    I don’t remember what we did with the doughnut parts outside the cut circles. Maybe we cooked and ate those too, never speaking about it or looking at each other.

  14. Rick Neece

    I’ll quote from my master chef himself, “Danny loves fat.” (Yes, he said it in third-person.)

  15. Sheila Ryan Post author

    I want to live in South Haven in a house with an electric range with a built-in deep fat fryer.

  16. Rick Neece

    It’s a good goddamned thing too. ‘Cause I gained a lot over the holidays this past season. I’ll have to work hard to get shed of it.

  17. Rick Neece

    Danny’s dream is to have a gas cook-top with an electric oven. We’re going to move in the next few weeks. The stove there is gas down to the oven. Danny said, “Maybe, I can learn to bake with gas.”

    Some of you know, Danny bakes awesome bread on occasion. Perhaps the gas oven won’t be a hindrance? Oh, hell, he’ll figure it out.

  18. Sheila Ryan Post author

    I really did have the seaweed salad when I met Alison for dinner in Chicago the other night.

  19. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Sure, he’ll figure it out. Hell, my mama baked with gas. She taught me to to bake with gas. If anyone can do it, Danny can do it.

  20. Michael Grant Smith

    South Haven is nice. My old house was torn down to make way for the neighboring church’s expansion, so I think the stove is gone, too. Doughnut-hating Congregationalists. The lake is still there, though, and the beaches are lovely.

  21. Carole Corlew

    MGS, your mother’s doughnuts sound beignet-like. And those Congregationalists don’t know what they are missing. The Methodist doughnut fellowship was one reason I argued for going to church with my father. The Church of Christ had no doughnuts, no treats at all.

  22. Erica Braverman

    Carole, I think a Krystal burger served on a Krispy Kreme donut would work.

    A couple years ago for Hanukkah, we made donuts (which is what Israelis do) and latkes. Possibly the most decadent meal I’ve ever had.

  23. Carole Corlew

    Shelia, your unfundamentalist background is showing itself. The treats come later. No burning forever you know where, for starters.

    Erica, you have something there. I have never experienced a Krystal on a Krispy Kreme but it certainly could happen and probably already has. You know, in places where they are battering everything and deep frying.

    Donuts and latkes sound like a sure recipe for a nice long nap! Which is what my uncles did after big family lunches. Repair to spare bedrooms and porches where they stretched out on swings and daybeds for a snooze. They were right, the best sleep in the world.

  24. Carole Corlew

    Rick, Danny will do fine. I’ve heard about people placing a large pizza stone underneath the shelf the bread is baking on, or a layer of unglazed tiles. This keeps the temperature from fluctuating as much which is a gas oven issue. I don’t really bake bread but I bake other things and it has been fine. And I love the gas stovetop.

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