20 thoughts on “How does Deron feel about this car?

  1. Michael Smith

    Just the word “Tesla” makes Deron swoon. If the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile had a Tesla badge on it Deron would lust after in ways a man shouldn’t lust after giant hotdog shaped automobiles.

  2. Rick Neece

    Managerial duties suck. I just ran over to the office to reboot the modem. My boss was at home and couldn’t get his email. (In case he sees this (he won’t) I really didn’t mind. It took ten minutes, there and back.)

    For the record, I’d drive this.

  3. Rick Neece

    A few years back, Danny and I visited our friends Stephen and Jim on Michiana Shores. We drove our new Taurus. We picked Stephen up at the train station there from Chicago on a “late” Friday afternoon. The next day, we were sitting on the beach with them and their friends. What we drove came up in conversation.

    Stephen: “Rick and Dan’s car seems pretty nice…”

    One of Stephen’s friends: “Stephen, I never expected I’d hear you extolling the virtues of a Ford Taurus.”

    Me and Dan, later, one of us said: “Fuck him and his soccer-mom, Jeep-drivin’ gay-ass. What does he know?”

  4. Rick Neece

    Even at the time, that might have been a little harsh. I’ve driven a Jeep. It was a pretty nice ride, too.

  5. Rick Neece

    We now have a hillbilly Town Car, eight years old. And a Saab, twelve years old. I’ll take the Saab over the Town Car. I like to take it out on I-435, make the Turbo kick in. I’m gettin’ older, don’t wan’t to take many chances, but every now and then I like remembering being young.

  6. Marco

    I’ll admit in the privacy of this forum to liking some of the Tauri, but that particular model year was a jus’ a little too, um…Jetsons?

  7. Rick Neece

    I hear you. (The last Taurus we had, I’m sure you’re referring to. Built with an oval in mind. There were ovals everywhere.) I kind of like the Jaguar-ish look of the new ones.

  8. Rick Neece

    I know the Jag has gone through changes since Ford owns the company. It makes me a little sad for the state of Jaguar and the “melding” in style between Taurus and Jaguar.

    Not unlike the difference between a high-end Toyota and a low-end Lexus.

    I know of a friend of a friend, whose goal was to one-day own a new Jag. He got it and told my friend, “They Cadillacisized the dash-board.”

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