12 thoughts on “R.I.P. Don Cornelius (1936-2012)

  1. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Best ever was 1975-1976, when me and Marla and Shareen and a couple of other girls would get up on Saturday morning to get together and watch “Soul Train” and copy the dances.

  2. Rick Neece

    Oh. Gurlll. I watched Soul Train for the moves. I’m sad to hear he’s passed. He had a wonderful, FM-radio-quality, chocolatey voice.

  3. Sheila Ryan Post author

    He quit hosting the show in 1993, Joel, and its heyday was the 1970s, so . . . yeah. But it was a seriously big deal. I adored “Soul Train.”

  4. Rick Neece

    For me, this is the beauty of C’flock. A couple (three?) generations throwing down. Joel? We couldn’t have had it, were it not for the internet.

  5. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Oh, yes, Rick. And most of the time it doesn’t even feel like there’s a Generational Thing. Not in That Way.

  6. Carole Corlew

    Love this, Shelia, thank you for posting it. And yes, Soul Train, what a pleasure. Alabama girl raised in a church where dancin’ was a sin? Not only did we watch in the ’70s and copy the moves we went to places where we could show them off. Lordy.

    Don followed Etta James on out of here.

  7. Rick Neece

    Oh, Cece. Truth. Thank you, Sheila. I’m in a better place just knowing there are friends who know where we were once upon a time.

  8. Nancy Willis

    Thank you SO much for posting this! I grew up on Soul Train way out in California near Oakland. I loved Don Cornelius – smoothest, coolest there ever was – and I feel lucky to have been able to watch Soul Train every week…

  9. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Oh, and Rick? About that voice? Don Cornelius did start out on radio — WVON (“Voice of the Negro”) in Chicago. He said in interviews that he imagined “Soul Train” as a kind of radio show for TV.

    Love, peace, and soul, y’all.

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