Wanted: Keys any kind of key that opens any kind of lock. (In Dubuque.)

Posted to Dubuque Freecycle list:

Playing a game and need as many keys as I can get ahold of. Prefer keys that belonged to master locks (not house type keys so much, although I’ll take them too). The “Key” to the game will be to find the right key in a bowl of keys to unlock the paddel lock to reach the prize.


31 thoughts on “Wanted: Keys any kind of key that opens any kind of lock. (In Dubuque.)

  1. Erica Braverman

    Shelia, I have many keys for this person. They need to pick it up from the sketchy bar I’ll be at this evening. It’s called Caddyshack.

  2. Sheila Ryan Post author

    I’m sorry, Erica. You must be willing to drive to Dubuque. It’s part of the Dubuque Freecycle deal.

    I am sorry for both of you.

  3. Casey Cichowicz

    Sorry, off topic, but has anyone else stopped getting their notifications when they’re subscribed to comments for a given entry?

    I also noticed the addition of “notify me of new posts by email”. For a second I thought it said “by mail”. Feature request.

  4. Sheila Ryan Post author

    I’ve noticed some glitches in terms of timely display of comments that I know have been posted. Sometimes I’ll need to go to the page for a particular post, then refresh it in order to see the entire comment thread.

  5. Erica Braverman

    Casey, I have an ancient fax machine you can borrow. Let me stop over after Dubuque. I’ll check the freecycle list to see if there is anything I think you need. I can always come bearing cats, too.

  6. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Erica! You could check all of the Freecycle lists between where you live and where Casey lives. And pick up lots of cool stuff. We could all do that whenever we go visiting. Just scan the relevant Freecycle lists and arrive bearing presents.

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