dear clusterflock

Last night I saw the new Muppet movie. It was terrible. Name other films that are critically acclaimed but are secretly crap.

Titanic doesn’t count because it’s no secret.

54 thoughts on “dear clusterflock

  1. Sheila Ryan

    Marco: I’ve found that confusion to be not atypical of the Young Pups who’ve come of age in the Era of the Film School (growled the Old Bitch).

    (Why, back in my day, we had to walk five miles through snow drifts — cling to ice floes like Lillian Gish — to get to the revival house for a nine-hour film marathon.)

  2. Marco

    If that’s what it means, then I’m an old bitch too. I even get the Gish reference!

    I guess my BFA was showing…

  3. Rick Neece

    Quotes out of context in comments.

    “True cinĂ©astes say that the ultimate French film will be a still photograph of a dead mime.”

    See New Yorker.

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