13 thoughts on “Welcome to the before time before the before time

  1. Rick Neece

    Artifacts! Are they fittings? Iron? Looks like they came from the same side of the boat.

  2. Sheila Ryan

    Best suggestion I have heard has to do with traces for a team of horses pulling a wagon. I do have an ox yoke from just north of the border in Wisconsin, and that thing is big.

    I also have a buckboard seat that’s been made into a bench. These might makes good companions for it.

  3. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Oh, and speaking of boats, I’ve got another bench made from a rusty iron siding from a ship that sank in the Gulf of Mexico off Alabama.

    Also, I hauled a piece of mining railroad track from the Mojave Desert back to Chicago. In my checked baggage. Still have it.

    Used to have a huge piece of iron rail from a trunk railroad that ran into Chicago and was torn up on the street down the block from where I lived. It finally got to be too much to haul it from one dwelling to another.

    I’m really into rusty old metal.

  4. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Casey, there are other things buried in the muck where I found these, so I am going to wait till I’ve extracted all I can and then wait for inspiration.

  5. Michael Grant Smith

    Oxidation and fire are the same process; the difference is the speed at which they occur. That’s science stuff.

    My grill is very rusty, so the steaks are going to be medium-rare in about five hundred years.

  6. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Damn, MGS. You think that the declivity where I’m finding all of this rusty old shit was created by a raging fireball from outer space?

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