3 thoughts on “Even blood language must be parsed

  1. Michael Grant Smith

    Lovely, Derek. Beautifully illustrated with words and pictures. The absence of human images in the photos makes the retelling seem both lonely and private — the dream of tourists, but seldom realized.

    It will be a long time before I forget the image of the two doors in the chalk cliff face, as well as the one below your post’s title.

  2. Derek White Post author

    Thanks Michael. I guess i don’t think to take pictures of people, maybe it’s because i don’t like having my photo taken. But there were interesting characters i would’ve liked to take photos of. A good place to go for sure to get away from tourists.

  3. Sheila Ryan

    Derek, I too hesitate to take photographs of people I don’t know, mainly because it feels intrusive to do so without otherwise engaging with them. This is probably hypersensitivity on my part.

    The absence of actual humans inclines me to imagine my way into the worlds you show in a way that’s different than if they were obviously peopled. In any case, the things in your photos often seem to carry traces of a human presence.

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