Lucy Foley: Songs for People I Will Never See Again

If you are in or near NYC, you have time to get to apexart for the first performance of Songs for People I Will Never See Again, a new live multimedia show by Lucy Foley, accompanied by her four-piece band. Sound design and additional music composition are by Lucy’s collaborator Ross Bonadonna, and instrumentation will include guitars, steel pan, synthesizers, laptops, toy piano, and clarinets, with a driving and playful rhythm section. There’ll be live and recorded music, projected imagery, and a spoken word narrative. It’s at 6:30 PM, and it’s FREE!

Lucy says,

The performance will include stories and songs of the wood turner of Sunset Park who turns devastating loss into beautiful objects, a woman who discovers her beauty accidentally by the side of the street, the great courage of daisies, Philoctetes the Greek air traffic controller who returns nightly to a cave to mourn his lost youth, and an unexpected love affair with a French mosquito. Songs For People I Will Never See Again is a show about people frozen in the moment of their appearance and of their disappearance. We celebrate tonight the moment freed from time into story and song, and hear of people I will never see again.

7 thoughts on “Lucy Foley: Songs for People I Will Never See Again

  1. Sheila Ryan

    Ah, that is so good! Thank you for the link. I too wish I had seen the show. But another chance will come, I am sure.

  2. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Thank you, Lucy, for directing us. I love those Fireside Sessions you and Ross set down.

  3. SC

    Thanks, Lucy. (There’s something about finding the Fireside Sessions buried on Ross’s site that makes the sound sound more like hearing your favorite song playing on someone else’s radio. A trill, that. For now, I’m continuing to stream from Ross’s site.)

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