Sally Cruikshank: “Make Me Psychic” (1978)

What got me started was the discovery that animation artist Sally Cruikshank has an Etsy shop where she’s selling watercolors.

Cruikshank is probably best known for Quasi at the Quackadero (1975), which is now listed on the United States National Film Registry. Or you may have seen the animated sequences she contributed to Sesame Street in the nineties.

My favorite, though, has always been Make Me Psychic. “Which way to the we-fwesh-ments?”

(Many of Cruikshank’s films are available for viewing on her YouTube channel, laughingsal, as well as on a DVD you can buy from her Etsy shop.)

4 thoughts on “Sally Cruikshank: “Make Me Psychic” (1978)

  1. Sheila Ryan

    Sally Cruikshank’s 1970s films tap into aspects of my memories of that time, how it felt.

    In a 1980 interview (I think) she talks about how odd the character Anita looked to her at the time and how “now” (1980), everyone looks like Anita.

  2. Sheila Ryan Post author

    So a Facebook friend with a graduate degree in film wondered, “Where has she been all my life and how did I miss her work?” To which I replied, “Think of how boring it would be if we knew everything and there were no surprises left!”

    I hope that my last words will be “Well, isn’t this a surprise!”

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