Cats that I made using only MY MIND!

It’s true. AND: I did it in a dream the premise of which was: THIS IS NOT A DREAM.

You know how you have those dreams? Those other dreams? You realize, “Wait! This is a DREAM!”

This was not like that. THIS IS NOT A DREAM was the foundation of the dream.

SO: I was seeing cats that no one else could see. And I sought to PROVE that no one else could see these cats, these cats I was seeing in what was NOT A DREAM.

I called people into the room where I saw a cat. I pointed directly at the cat that I saw and asked, “Do you see a cat there?”

No one saw a cat there. But this was NOT A DREAM, this dream.

More cats came. No one else saw the cats, and I grew accustomed to seeing the cats that no one else saw.

It began to get funny when the cats that I saw showed that they were hungry. I began to worry that if I dished out real food in what was NOT A DREAM to cats that no one else saw, it might mean that I had gone mad.

This was a TRUE DREAM.

When I awoke, I remembered my TRUE DREAM and how within my TRUE DREAM my dream was NOT A DREAM.

And then I read the TRUE NEWS and the first story I read (THIS IS TRUE) was about how scientists built a neural network of 16,000 computer processors with one billion connections and how it had taught itself to recognize cats.

“We never told it during the training, ‘This is a cat,’” said Google fellow Dr. Jeff Dean. “It basically invented the concept of a cat.”

This is a TRUE STORY.

11 thoughts on “Cats that I made using only MY MIND!

  1. SC

    …74.8 percent accuracy when identifying cats…

    Did you get a glimpse of the leftovers? Otters? Hamsters? Cat women?

  2. Sheila Ryan Post author

    MGS, I do even better! I use SOCIAL MEDIA! I TWEET on TWITTER and use a HASHTAG!

  3. SC

    Where are my cats? I’m surrounded by NOT A CAT. Statistically speaking, I should be be seeing CATS any minute now. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

  4. Sheila Ryan

    And yes, I did used to have one of those T-shirts with “Schrödinger’s cat is dead” on the front and “Schrödinger’s cat is not dead” on the back. That was before all those other Schrödinger’s cat T-shirts ruined it.

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