Review of Piggly Wiggly Brand Ground Pork Sausage

My English pen pal Ian is intrigued by the US grocery store chain Piggly Wiggly; he shared this with me, and I would like to share it with you.

As my friend notes, “this man has a ‘bachelor’s degree in journalism and history from the University of Wisconsin at River Falls,’ so you should listen to him.”

This was the first time we have purchased this product and, to be perfectly honest, the only reason we bought it this time around is we couldn’t figure out where our regular brands were (it turns out they were in a completely different part of the store). However, the price wasn’t terrible and, since we’ve had luck with store brands in the past, we did have high hopes for it.

Unfortunately, this sausage did not live up to our expectations.

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  1. Michael Grant Smith

    The rendered fat is equivalent to SPF 50 sunscreen. Please wait until the fat cools before applying it. Do not apply to skin that is broken, scratched, or has open sores. The fat will enter your bloodstream and block your heart within minutes, causing disability or death.

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