14 thoughts on “One-stop shopping

  1. SC

    The next time I walk by that newsstand (!), I’ll, um, contact them about surgical supplies. Need any surgical supplies?

  2. Sheila Ryan

    Oh, man — it’s a newsstand, is it? I remember the last newsstand near the capitol in Madison. It was on one of the streets with all the massage parlors for when the legislators were in town. It was called Snappy’s. Snappy sold novelties.

  3. SC

    The sign is in front of a newsstand but just down the block there’s a drug store. Maybe it’s the outlet store?

  4. SC

    I walked by today. The sign was on the street but the newsstand was closed. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  5. SC

    …fluid control accessories at a good price…

    I’ll ask. Do you have any particular fluids in mind?

  6. Michael Grant Smith

    I think your better fluid control accessories are going to be satisfactory when used with most of the more popular or important fluids. As long as the correct attachments are used and reasonable care is taken.

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