The Language of the Birds

{ untitled: under the auspices } is a book of auguring, or divination codex, where birds are the words, in particular the common starling (with a few cameos by seagulls & crows). The sequenced set of flight patterns, or murmurations, were captured over the course of the past few years in the skies over Rome, where the starlings winter in the months of October & November.

Coming September 2012 from Calamari Press.

11 thoughts on “The Language of the Birds

  1. Rick Neece

    Yesterday, a starling I found beak-down in the birdbath at the front window. Don’t know what happened. The neighbor’s cat, “Precious” may have dispatched it to the great beyond. Not sure. The body was virtually untouched. Like it left its earthly existance instantly. Still, covered my hand with a bag to contain it and dispatch it to the garbage pail.

  2. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Covering your hand was not a bad idea. Could be Precious is innocent and that it was West Nile Virus.

  3. Rick Neece

    I think I would like to be dispatched from the plastic-bagged hand of a good friend. This ain’t my will, yet. I’m just pondering.

  4. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Derek, Pepper is still up on Youtube. But Pepper is so lame compared with Damar.

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