So I contacted the hacker…

So I contacted CWSektor, the fellow who has been hacking the site and asked him why he was doing it and would he please stop. His response, roughly translated from Turkish by my friends in Istanbul:

Because you asked nicely I am discontinuing attacks on your system but you have to not say insulting words against me or I will continue. Only because you emailed me like a decent guy I am making this offer: if you write my name on your site I will close the gap in your site.

The general back and forth, despite the language barrier, was actually quite genial. Hopefully, we’ll be able to take him at his word.

15 thoughts on “So I contacted the hacker…

  1. Kathy Hilen-Smith

    Should we chip in and get him Netflix? Seems like things are slow in Turkey and this guy needs some structured online entertainment.

  2. Kathy Hilen-Smith

    CWSector, in response to your question to me and with sincere respect for your views, in the context of the World Wide Web and the millions of souls who participate therein, I simply do not understand why this website has become a target for disruption (hacking).

    This website is many things: a social gathering place, a place to derive inspiration, a place to share insight, a place to allow humor to balance pain, a place to vent frustration with personal events as well as world events, a place for the participants to share successes and failures, a place for growth, a place for people who have never even met in person to reach out and share their fundamental human journeys. No matter what part of the world you are from, doesn’t that embody the best of the human experience?

    Rather than “hack” the site and destroy it, why not join us grow it? Your views, experiences, and opinions would be a welcome fit to this site, but not if your only goal is to end it.

  3. Sheila Ryan

    Kathy, as I just mentioned to Michael, I have been near despair lately for all manner of reasons. Thanks for reminding us of why we are here.

  4. Steve Jumphreys

    Hey, CWSector….please join us, we’ve got a lot to learn from all over the world. Roughly translated:

    Hey, CWSektör …. lütfen bize katılın, tüm dünyadan öğreneceği çok şey var.

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