Tonight I will sleep the sleep of the justified.

This is so cool I can’t hardly stand it.

I’ve been way way down lately, so when India’s and Lucy’s friend Heather commenced live-tweeting about Elmore Leonard from the National Book Awards, I got all excited. She and I got going back and forth, and I told her about my crush on Leonard. And we got talking about one of Leonard’s minor gifts — how he never strikes a false note when he writes about music. Anyway . . .

She said she’d try and get me a photo. And she did.

5 thoughts on “Tonight I will sleep the sleep of the justified.

  1. Sheila Ryan

    I mean, like, practically in an instant. Within fifteen minutes. It probably helped that she’s such a looker, but still . . . . I’m smiling. I am so damn happy.

  2. Sheila Ryan

    I figure he appreciates the wimmens, even if he is a solid family man.

    Anyway, it was cool to meet him by proxy.

  3. SC

    Not a false note. (His half-smile means he’s already thought of a sentence that includes “Lifetime Achievement Award” and “red lipstick”.)

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