Christmas Wishes


If you can see your way clear, and if I’ve been good enough, I’d like:

1) to have the stamina to help Danny complete the Christmas mailings by tomorrow morning. (Snack mix; Pfeffernous (sp?) w/m&m’s and cashews;  3-chocolate-chip cookies; various soups–frozen for locals–and arabiatta (sp?) sauce and pasta.)

2) to see Daryl Scrogginses’ (sorry Cindy) annual family Christmas letter.

3) Santa, I’ll hold the third for something unexpressable. Something about world peace, love, people getting back together. Love. Something about something. You know what I mean.


Ricky Cameron

9 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes

  1. Michael Grant Smith

    I doubt if Santa will find anyone gooder than Rick and Danny. Merry Christmas to you!

    It’s not really Christmas until the Scroggins letter arrives. My spies in Texas have gleaned no family updates from Craigslist or the grocery store bulletin boards, although a guy at a Citgo station said something about something he heard.

    Happy Holidays and thank you to all who spend time thinking about clusterflock. May Dog bless us, each and every one!

  2. Sheila Ryan

    It’s true what Lloyd and them said, that God works in ways he hasn’t thought much about. If God had been thinking today, he would have seen to it that the serpentine belt on Ricky Cameron’s car hadn’t of gotten all shredded on the way to Arkansas and that the car didn’t had to have been towed and that Rick and Danny didn’t had to have gotten a ride from Butler, Missouri back to Kansas City to get Danny’s car and start all over again Saturday morning.

  3. Sheila Ryan

    God, in his infinite wisdom and mercy, has got Rick and Danny on the road again, and they’ll be at the Days Inn in Pokey (Pocahontas, Arkansas) by ten or so tonight.

    Free breakfast in the lobby Saturday morning!

  4. rick neece

    There is a little coffee maker in the room. I asked for, and got, a couple more regular coffee packets. Another Christmas wish.

  5. Sheila Ryan

    Where Rick and Danny are staying, they have “themed suites”. I looked it up.

    Also, “each morning, wake up to free Daybreak continental breakfast, then work up a sweat in our on-site gym,” the people say.

    And “free oversized-vehicle parking, 24-hour front desk service and guest laundry facilities”.

    For your convenience.

  6. rick neece

    We parked the battle-star right next to an Escalade. Plenty of room to open doors. ‘Course “built” real estate ain’t necessarily premium here in the bottoms. It could be gone next flood.

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