She’s not there (She’s still here)

From a letter penned in 1993 by my friend Lee, who can now scarcely find words at all.

Steve & I saw Indochine last night. Horrors! I’ve lost the ability to sit still that long even for La Deneuve. When I left the movie I was saying to Steve that it was remarkable how they handled the time in the movie and this blah blah metaphor for the blah blah relationship between France and Indochina and how leaving the Japs out compressed the blah blah and effectively blah blah. This morning I woke up still thinking about it — or seeing it, really — and there on the screen of my mind was the word SONY. No wonder they left out the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. Well, I loved it anyway. A French Gone with the Wind. [April 1993]

6 thoughts on “She’s not there (She’s still here)

  1. rick neece

    The few things I seen you’ve shared with me your friend Lee has written make me happy beyond belief. “…and there on the screen of my mind was the word SONY.” You know? I just finished readong “Cloud Atlas.” Just wondering and saying how words come to figure in things written.

  2. rick neece

    “readong.” Prolly not so far off the mark.

    I recall Indochine being a beautiful movie. Though I noticed DeNeuve’s hands looked old when her face did not.

    I’m struggling to remember the most beautiful momemt in Cloud Atlas, whether the movie or the book. There are beautiful moments in both. It’s hard to remember the most beautiful.
    In one moment in one or the other, I was stupified.

  3. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Rick, either here or elsewhere I’ll be sharing things Lee has written or said. She is the best. It shreds my heart that she is now so confused and can no longer find words, but I know she’s still in there. I can see it in her eyes.

    “Readong” is a good new word.

    And yeah . . . how words come to figure into what is written or spoken. Till you mentioned it, I’d not realized the import of Lee’s having written “there on the screen of my mind was the word SONY.”

    I have no idea — I cannot imagine — whether words now appear on the screen of her mind.

  4. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Or that moment when something you’d grasped fleetingly in your mind struck you again with greater force.


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