3 thoughts on “Back in the saddle of riverside

  1. Sheila Ryan

    That’s, like, magic, Derek — the ease of securing a place. (After all the times I’ve rented or even bought dwellings, the prospect sickens me like nothing else.)

    I’m working to pull together plans (and funds) to get to New York this year, sooner rather than later. I’m hoping maybe I can rendezvous with you and Jess and will let y’all know what’s up.

  2. Derek White

    yeah, was crazy how easy it was, we were lucky. And we pay next to nothing & all utilities included. Pictured next to the shadow puppet is the fancy avian platter, courtesy of Cindy.

    I hope you can visit!

  3. Sheila Ryan

    Yow! I just spied the avian platter.

    If I get it together to get to NYC, y’all know for sure.

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