King Crimson: Elephant Talk

Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, Tony Levin, and Bill Bruford.

When I first saw this on TV back in 1981 it made me question the mundane rock ‘n’ roll gack my band was playing in bars at that time.

Love it or hate it, but King Crimson did everything possible to play outside of typical guitar/guitar/bass/drums conventions.

These are words with a “D” this time!

6 thoughts on “King Crimson: Elephant Talk

  1. Michael Grant Smith Post author

    King Crimson’s Discipline and Beat are languishing in a crate in my garage.

    For the younger folks following from home, an LP is like a CD, but bigger and black. Okay, a CD is like an MP3 download except it’s round and gets scratched easily.

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