Movie Trailer Trash

I can’t believe you have food in your mouth while you’re firing me.

Transience. We couldn’t get anywhere without it.

Where have you been? We were making love and when I looked up you were gone.

I’m not here to argue about midgets and dwarves.

Seriously, you should have listened when I said I’d break.

Squeeze your dreams into a smaller box, baby. The tiniest dreams can be shipped much more economically.

I told you not to follow me. You were following me, weren’t you? Who are you?

Even I couldn’t have saved her. I save stamps. Coins. Things of that nature.

Thank you for your donation, asshole.

It’s never too late to say ‘I love you’ and it’s never too soon to admit you’re wrong about it.

Three or four more like you, along with five hundred dollars in cash, and we could start your little revolution tomorrow.

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