Scientology: Secrets of the Super Power Building


The Voice has obtained hundreds of new renderings of Scientology’s Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida, as well as a comprehensive collection of its architectural drawings.

Every Scientology “org” is supposed to create an office for Hubbard, even 26 years after his death, in case the “old man” suddenly returns.

(via The Village Voice)

9 thoughts on “Scientology: Secrets of the Super Power Building

  1. Sheila Ryan

    I’d like to create a trick office for him. Pails of water rigged to upend when he opens doors. Banana peels in the hallways. Fake vomit in break rooms.

  2. rick neece

    Wonder how dat seat warmer survive? You cain’t buy smokes these days fo $50/wk. Do they supplement he pay? Do he owe he soul to da company sto?

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