I got road-raged by a nun.

As if driving through Middletown isn’t scary enough. It was like Duel, but more horrifying because there she was!  The driver–one of those Appalachian dried apple dolls in a habit with one wiry hand on the steering wheel, a crooked nose and feral determined staring eyes peering over the dash of a massive white Crown Vic. That’s what loomed in my rear-view mirror, but the side views were BOOM left headlight, BOOM right headlight, BOOM left headlight… she was all over me like a cop.  I’m talking nice residential area here, but girlfriend was in a hurry and I was in her way.

After a couple miles of this, she turned into the parking lot of the First Presbyterian Church.  I spect somebody in there got their ass kicked.

5 thoughts on “I got road-raged by a nun.

  1. Sheila Ryan

    Reminds me of when I visited a friend and former boss in San DIego. A tart-tongued Australian woman who warned me, “Little Asian ladies are death-on-wheels.”

  2. Erica Braverman

    Oh this made me laugh. I was picturing Sister Cecilia from my Catholic high school days driving, and I realized I don’t think she drove.

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