No matter where you are, it’s colder in Oymyakon, Russia

Frozen bridge in Oymyakon Russia

Daily problems that come with living in Oymyakon include pen ink freezing, glasses freezing to people’s faces and batteries losing power. Locals are said to leave their cars running all day for fear of not being able to restart them.

Even if there was coverage for mobile phone reception the phones themselves would not work in such cold conditions.

(via The Daily Mail)

(Photographer Amos Chapple’s site)

4 thoughts on “No matter where you are, it’s colder in Oymyakon, Russia

  1. Derek White

    I lived for a few months up north of Yellowknife, Canada, on a frozen lake near to the arctic circle. We had to leave trucks running 24 hours a day. The thing that really surprised me though, was the first time i took a shower & i was going back to my tent & i went to run my hands through my hair & my hair broke off (had turned to icicles within seconds).

  2. Sheila Ryan

    People, I’m pissed that the snow’s been melting. My friend Allen’s mailing me a DVD of Kurosawa’s 1951 film “The Idiot” (based on Dostoevsky’s novel). I was wanting to project it onto a bank of snow, and now my dream’s all messed up.

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