Post-Game Analysis

Baltimore is cool, like, because of John Waters and all. And Randy Newman’s song.

Also, ravens are way cool. I never met a corvid I didn’t like.

They’re clever. And they play in the snow.

Plus, The Ravens was the name The Kinks had before they were The Kinks.

4 thoughts on “Post-Game Analysis

  1. Sheila Ryan Post author

    The other day a big crow was on the peak of my roof, looking all around, and then all of a sudden he fell down the back slope. I laughed. He tried to ignore me when he came stumbling back up.

  2. rick neece

    I want to be a raven on the peak of a roof. It don’t have to be your roof. I’m sure I’d tumble off.

  3. Sheila Ryan

    Maybe the crow on the peak of my roof didn’t really fall. Maybe he was sliding on purpose and having fun.

    I have a rooftop squirrel story, too.

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