5 thoughts on “David Cronenberg @ 70

  1. Sheila Ryan Post author

    David Cronenberg says he had to sleep with the lights on after he saw “The Blue Lagoon”. That makes me happy.

    I think he’s probably talking about the 1949 film. Not the 1980 version with Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins.

    Although I find that one pretty scary.

  2. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Y’all, the Cronenberg interview is really good. I’ve been watching (okay, listening) in fits and starts.

    I wish I’d been born Canadian.

  3. Sheila Ryan Post author

    And I really really love the hair. And the face. And the eyes, though historically, I’ve leaned more toward your Brown-Eyed Handsome Man. But I’m not set in my ways.

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