Easter Thoughts

The origin of belief in prayer:

when crying alone—the faint wish that some other could see us

The origin of belief in hell:

the suspicion that nobody will ever see our tears

The origin of gods:

mothers who scoop up their weeping children and rock them

8 thoughts on “Easter Thoughts

  1. Dave Vogt

    The origin of the resurrection motif: the hope that those who have left us in sorrow may one day joyfully return

  2. Michael Grant Smith

    Those are good thoughts for Easter and beyond, Daryl.

    Resurrection and redemption don’t have to connect directly to religion. They are welcome whenever and wherever they occur.

    clusterflock itself being an example right here in front of my face.

  3. Daryl Scroggins

    Thank you dear friends. I hope to be spending more time here soon, and it will be great to be in contact with everybody again.

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