3 thoughts on “Fast Acting™ Lime

  1. rick neece

    In high-school, I was given as a Christmas grab-gift, English Leather Lime. I smelled the way a lime jolly rancher tastes. Don’t know what it would do to dog pee.

  2. Sheila Ryan

    Also, it’s both Fish Days and Chick Days at Theisen’s.

    You can get a 6″-8″channel cat for 75¢! (You want 9″-12″, it’ll cost you $1.00.)

    Most people buy anywhere from 100 to 500 for a one-acre pond, but you could maybe just buy one for a real big tank in your house.

    Or instead of an ornamental koi pond, you could have an ornamental channel cat pond. Those koi are high — $15.00 apiece! But you could buy a dozen channel cat for less than that.

    The way it works, there are designated delivery days, and you bring your own pond water and container. The delivery trucks are real big, and they are full of fish.

    Now with the chicks, it’s different. They are just there for the buying, except in Charles City, where they are “available but not stocked.” I don’t know why that should be.

    Cornish Cross chicks are $1.29 during Chick Days (reg. $1.69). If you want a heavy-breed chick, that’ll run you $2.29 (reg. $2.69).

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