2 thoughts on “From the Archives

  1. Frank Patrick

    My first ten…
    1. Taking a test in kindergarten to see if, because I was among the oldest in the class, I should be moved ahead to 1st grade.
    2. Playing Gheppeto in a school play (1st grade?). Running home when I forgot my costume on the day of the play. Crushing on the girl who played Pinnochio.
    3. Romper Room – Be a do-bee. Don’t be a don’t-be.
    4. Drawing on the TV screen, i.e., on a plastic overlay, watching Winky Dink.
    5. Gagging on and throwing up the practice host before my First Communion.
    6. A space station Christmas gift with spring-loaded rockets that couldn’t be sold today. “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.”
    7. Songs in a school show…Ballin’ the Jack, Shuffle Off to Buffalo, Rubber Tree Plant.
    8. Closing my Cub Scout jackknife on my middle finger. Still got a faint scar.
    9. City Blocks and Lincoln Logs.
    10. Discovering potato chips and onion dip when my parents let me make an early evening appearance at their New Years Eve party. (The start of a life-long addiction.)

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