March 10, 2013

Ken Fox’s Wall of Death

The crowds look down from above and are fragranced by a rising incense of engine fumes. The point is to thrill the audience, not to scare them. The riders begin by circling the floor, then up on to a ramp, and finally they are riding perpendicular to the wall, arms outstretched, rising and dipping, sometimes high enough to leave tyre marks at the very top, prompting squeals from the crowd. For superstitious reasons, they only ever travel in an anti-clockwise direction. They get so close you could reach out and touch them, make some sort of brief physical connection with that speeding miracle of guts and grace and centrifugal force.

(via The Scotsman)

A longer video with less noise and more stunts…

…and The Wall itself.


  1. rick neece on March 12th, 2013 at 1:45 am

    Mom and Dad took us kids to Wisconsin Dells. I don’t rightly remember the name of the Daredevil, (Sheila was it Tommy Bartlett?) who rode his motorcycle in a spherical cage. When he got up to speed, he was like an atom proton(? some-tron) spinning ’round its nucleas. Blue smoke roiled out of that cage.

    And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we did the double-decker boat cruise of the upper and lower dells.