Snowed-In Sunday

We have dug out the drive. We now have martinis. Dan’s in the bath. I’m watching this on Netflix:

I’m reminded once Daryl said something about digging when he gets mad. So I’m thinking of Daryl. And Cindy. And y’all.

16 thoughts on “Snowed-In Sunday

  1. Cindy Scroggins

    Oh, man. I can’t wait to see this. I love Anselm Kiefer’s art. The dark power in all he does. Daryl loves it, too, perhaps even more so. Thank you, Rick. How I miss everyone.

  2. Michael Grant Smith

    Amazing. Raise a huge canvas slowly into the air, and everything that doesn’t fall off is art.

    Lift with your legs, Rick.

    Cindy, I’m so happy to see words from you and Daryl.

  3. rick neece

    “Everything that doesn’t fall off is art.” I’m pondering that. It might be 99.9% pure. I don’t lift nearly enough, but when I do, it’s with my legs.

    MGS, thank you for your effort, keeping the lines open.

  4. Daryl Scroggins

    I love the Dickensian industrialism of Kiefer’s process. Molten glass spin-pitched on dirt; lead cast into pages of a book…. I always imagine him working at his art in bitter cold, under a clear moonless sky.

  5. Daryl Scroggins

    I have been caulking all day. I love how caulk can make so many things look better. I have an art project lined up for when I retire: I’m going to build 1/10th scale houses entirely of layers of caulk. Kind of logcabin style.

  6. Sheila Ryan

    I have an Anselm Kiefer non-anecdote that Cindy and Daryl especially may appreciate now they have met my longtime friend Lee. (Rest of y’all, she’s my dear friend who slipped into the twilight zone of dementia several years ago.)

    Okay, so my non-anecdote goes like this.

    It was 2005. Lee had moved from Dallas to Galveston. I was living in southern Illinois and visiting Galena as often as I could.

    It was autumn. Lee had driven up to Dallas for this Anselm Kiefer exhibition at the modern art museum in Fort Worth. First big US retrospective of Kiefer’s work. Driven up to see it with her friend JP. And to see JP, who’d been diagnosed with some variety or other of cancer, I forget.

    The weekend Lee was in DFW, that weekend, I was in Galena. And I called her. She and JP were in her car. She was driving him to some cancer treatment or appointment with the cancer doctor. I don’t know whether they’d seen Anselm Kiefer yet or not.

    JP answered my call on Lee’s phone. He and I knew of one another, though we’d never met, and we got to raving and going on and laughing about I forget what. Just before JP handed the phone to Lee, he said, “I knew you were my soulmate!”

    And then two weeks later, he died.

    That is my Anselm Kiefer non-anecdote.

  7. Cindy Scroggins

    Well, wow. Daryl and I saw that show at the Fort Worth Modern. Nobody close had cancer, though. Not that I remember.

  8. Sheila Ryan

    Cindy, I wonder did y’all see Lee and JP there at the museum? She looked pretty much like she looks, just a little younger and not so vacant. He was kinda big, I gather. He used to be a guard in some prison or other.

    Lee and JP liked to go to high school football games together. And to things like Anselm Kiefer exhibitions.

  9. Sheila Ryan

    Also, I am thinking about Daryl caulking all the livelong day. Caulking up a storm. Shoot, a man gets all fired up with a tube of caulk, he might get carried away, caulk himself inside the house and wind up trapped. Cask of Amontillado kind of a deal.

    Still, I can see it. I can imagine getting all fancy with caulk. A piping bag filled with caulk. A dozen fancy tips. Caulk rosettes. Caulk leaves. Caulk streamers. Ruffles and swags. Caulk fleurs-de-lis!

  10. Daryl Scroggins

    Sheila–I’m sure you’ve heard Coop’s phrase “happy as a dog eatin spackle.” That’s me with the caulk. It will make almost any ragged edge look better. One thing I hate, though, is when I find a hole somewhere that I think I can just fill and smooth off–and after half a tube is gone I realize I’m trying to fill up a whole wall. I like your idea for making ornaments with caulk. Mabe I could make some molds that you just press against a wall and fill up through a top hole. Might all get kind of abstract when you pulled it away, though….

  11. Sheila Ryan

    What drives me insane is joint compound. Smoothing and sanding. Gives me a pain. And it hardly ever looks right. Not when I do it.

  12. Daryl Scroggins

    What kills me with joint compound is how I always get it perfect–except for that one little place right there–let me just touch that up a t-i-n-y bit SHIT no, got to start the whole thing over.

  13. Sheila Ryan

    I can never stop fiddling with joint compound. Get me started with joint compound, it’s like Thomas Bernhard’s “Correction”. I’ll correct the mofo out of existence.

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