12 thoughts on “Spring Is Sprung

  1. rick neece

    Or Ben Hur and the Ten Commandments. Hey, I don’t know if that sounds like a band or the new movie by Baz Luhrmann (sp?, you know I’m too lazy to look it up.)

  2. Erica Braverman

    Rick, that sounds like a fantastic band name. I think after next year’s Passover Seder I’ll suggest a family viewing of The Ten Commandments. This year my mom made shortribs braised in a bottle of Manichevitz. We still had a bit leftover to drink and my mom (who is not much of a drinker) declared how good it was. Strangely, I’ve always enjoyed wine that tastes exactly like grape juice/grape soda.

  3. Rick Neece

    Then you’d be right at home at a little General Baptist church’s Easter communion. Welch’s.

  4. Rick Neece

    Now that I think about it after never having thought about it before, The Ten Commandments is all about Passover. Ben Hur is about Easter. Charlton Heston was Bi. Old and New Testament. Can I get an NRA?

  5. Erica Braverman

    I think you and I should watch both one Sunday. I’ll bring some wine and maybe wear my Sunday best.

  6. Rick Neece

    Last week my sister face-booked a scan of a snap-shot of our family posing for an Easter portrait before going to church in 1966. If I can figure out how, I’ll share it.

  7. Erica Braverman

    Please do. I have your phone number and I will try to make a hangout happen before I start my new job.

  8. Erica Braverman

    Sure. I’ll take a look at my schedule and give you a ring once I’ve got dates that work.

  9. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Erica, you are not the only member of the flocking community who has a taste for the wine that tastes like grape juice. Last time I visited Cooper Renner in one of his RV-camper deals, I spied a bottle of Manischewitz in his refrigerator.

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