Nico in Indianapolis

There is something grotesque to me about there being this wonderful steakhouse St Elmó, and then just up the street the linguistically repellant chain steakhouse “Ruth’s Chris,” whatever that means, opens up shop. I feel like the people should take to the streets with pitchforks to protest that shit. Similarly, we need to shut down the TGI Fridays in Union Square; let’s take a tactic from the anti-abortion protestors and make people need an escort to get a mudslide fifteen paces from the greenmarket.

Catching up with Nico.

4 thoughts on “Nico in Indianapolis

  1. rick neece

    Also, if you’ve never heard Nico Muhly’s music, scroll down and listen to the sample from “I Drink the Air Before Me.”

  2. Sheila Ryan

    Linguistically repellant. That’s good. Especially seeing as how “Ruth’s Chris” has bothered me for what feels like an eternity.

    Taking to the streets with pitchforks is a good idea.

    And shaming TGI Friday’s customers. That’s good, too.

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