[Fat said,] “That’s what he deserves: a Great Judge exactly like himself.”

“That’s not a bad theological idea,” I said. “You find yourself facing yourself.”

–Philip K. Dick, VALIS

9 thoughts on “VALIS

  1. Doc

    Ferris Fremont: not a crook.

    After ‘The Transmigration of Timothy Archer’ probably my favorite Dick book.

  2. Doc

    Have fun, Cooper.

    When you’re done I’ll tell you about The Owl in Daylight.

    But don’t think about that now.

  3. Cooper Renner Post author

    I finished the VALIS Trilogy the other day. While not in any normal sense a trilogy, but rather a linked trio of books, all three are interesting (the second the least so) and worth reading. Transmigration is particularly fine, and is in no sense science fiction.

  4. Doc

    always thought transmigration one of the better (popular) treatments on the nature(s) of belief.

    am biased though: there was a period where i didn’t read any scifi unless it was penned by dick, lem, disch or calvino. which was shortly after my asimov, bester, clark and heinlein obsession…

    (i go in waves)

  5. Cooper

    Sheila will remember, long ago, when I read virtually nothing but SF and fantasy (and of course poetry). I read a lot of Clarke and Heinlein, but little or none of the others you mention. Transmigration, had it been written in French or Spanish, would have been published as literary fiction. Their literatures aren’t as ghettoized as ours has been up until very recently.

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