We made some cupcakes

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Happy Easter, happy spring, everyone!

Dear Clusterflock

At what point in your life did you realize that you’re probably never going to be as healthy/attractive/happy/etc. as you once were? Did you have the presence of mind to realize it at the time? Or have you somehow avoided this altogether (i.e. you’re under 30)?

I had my doubts at 30, but now I’m pretty sure I’m officially on the decline. Nothing drastic, but it’s like when you realize your new car isn’t a new car anymore. Except you can’t save up for a new one, or even take out a foolish auto loan.

RIP Jason Molina

Jason Molina of Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. passed away on March 16. Very sad.


Soundslice is a project that helps transcribe music (specifically guitar tabs) from YouTube videos. Check it out and sign up at Soundslice.com, and watch a video presentation on 37Signals.com.

The ten best pictures of Morrissey with cats

Stereogum has a post on the ten best Morrissey songs, but it’s also the ten best pictures of Morrissey with cats. Not sure I agree with the list, but who cares? There’s no point in debating whether “Seasick, Yet Still Docked” measures up to “I Know It’s Over”, and they didn’t count Smiths songs in there, anyway.
Morrissey and cat

RIP Kevin Ayers

Kevin Ayers
Kevin Ayers passed away Monday. Here’s “Lady Rachel” to listen to whilst remembering:

Article in Need of an Illustration

Can someone please draw me a picture of a social or colonial spider?

These are things you can buy


There are many other types available as well, if this particular model doesn’t suit you.

From the Application Pool

Key Accomplishments:… Oversee and development of ground breaking enterprise solutions

Hopefully these solutions were also “intuitive”.

From the Application Pool

Whether troubleshooting a network issue, streamlining a business process, documenting procedures, or receiving accolades for a problem solved or a job well done, I approach each challenge with the same “get it done” attitude.

Me too. Especially when receiving accolades for a problem solved or job well done, I’m all “just get it over with, will you?”

I’m hiring, by the way, if anyone wants to do some .NET or BI work for an association.

Tonight’s Debate

How are you feeling?

Slower Traffic Keep Right on Driving in the Left Lane

I recently got back from France (a trip I plan to share a little about soon) where I was struck by how well people stick to the left-lane-is-just-for-passing rule. Having just driven 12 hours for something else this weekend, on highways both crowded and uncrowded, I’m now just kind of angry. It seems that it’s a point of pride to stay in the left lane (hell, I must be going faster than someone!) and almost never was I able to convince anyone to move to the right (I tried gentle creeping, tailing, light-flashing, and signalling). I now think that I’m generally better off staying in the right lane, where I’m only occasionally forced to pass someone in the traditional manner.

First of all, why do you think there’s a difference (or do you think there’s a difference)?

Secondly, how could the culture be changed? It seems that until tickets for violating the slower-traffic-keep-right rule are as easily given out and as profitable as speeding tickets, it’s not going to be enforced by police (nor do I think it should be, really).

Ray Bradbury (1938–2012)

I just read Ray Bradbury’s piece in the latest New Yorker the other day, and today he’s gone. I have a few fond memories of Bradbury stories from childhood. I’ve got a picture in my head of the cover of a collection, though I can’t find a picture of it at the moment. Probably the same year I read an awful lot of Edgar Rice Burroughs. And of course The Veldt. 

The new baby names are in

Have you heard? Apparently a lot more people named their kids Brantley or Iker this year.

Must Pick Up

I don’t know if this made it to the Alexandria Freecycle list, but after a lot of commotion in the street at 7:30 AM, I emerged to find this on my sidewalk. Spring cleaning!

White Lily

Laurie Anderson / Rainer Fassbinder

In Defense of the Diaeresis

The New Yorker‘s Mary Norris responded to criticism about the diaeresis, recently maligned repeatedly by The Atlantic.

Which side are you on, boys? (and girls)

Quote out of context

The video starts by looking up into space and then goes down to see Ladyhawke playing her guitar. Then everything goes blue but Ladyhawke continues to play her guitar. Then things start to move and you see an eye while Ladyhawke keeps turning back to look at something. She continues to play her guitar while the people moving are now clearly dancing around. There is what appears to be fire but turns out to be her outline. While she sings you start to see more than one of her; also a light starts to shine on her. You see shadows dancing while lights shine onto them. While Ladyhawke sings you see other people run across the screen. The video ends with Ladyhawke singing and fades into the darkness.

From Wikipedia.

Perhaps the world needs musicvideosasprose.tumblr.com?

How to make Tiny Furniture

With tiny trees, of course. Kim Keever makes some fascinating miniature landscapes and photographs them in a 200 gallon tank.

How do you feel about this car?

Apparently Lamborghini is working on the Urus.

Dharun Ravi

How do you feel about Dharun Ravi’s guilty verdict? Here’s background from the New Yorker, and the recent announcement in the Atlantic.

This American Life Retracts Mike Daisey’s Apple Story

Turns out @MDaisey made up a lot of elements in his piece, “The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs”, which deals with the questionable way in which we get our shiny Apple products. Unfortunately, there were small and large lies told in the process, and This American Life is retracting the whole thing.  Meanwhile, Mike Daisey’s standing by his story, as “theatre” and not “journalism”.  I loved his work, and saw “If You See Something Say Something”, but I think Mike Daisey’s done a big disservice to human rights interests — the headline is likely to be “Apple’s just fine, it was all a crazy liberal lie”. I’m disappointed, to say the least.

Here is a picture of a Yeti Crab

See also Paul Snelgrove’s TED talk on a census of the ocean.

Josh Ritter, “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home”

Josh Ritter’s lovely new video was made using paper silhouettes.

How does Deron feel about this car?

Or anyone else, for that matter. The Tesla Model X will have gull wing doors. In the back, apparently.

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