By popular demand

Well, Sheila asked for them anyway: some photos from the Philippines—hooray!

Jeepneys Pollution Rascals An archaeologist's life Goin' fishin'

Click on the thumbnails for the full version, or here for the photoset of the ones I’ve processed so far, or here for a slideshow.

I’m thinking about putting together some kind of photoessay at some point. Until then, please enjoy! :-)

Why, as a vegetarian, I don’t lose weight

I don’t cook, people. I don’t bake, either. All of my attempts at becoming a world-renowned (or at least apartment building-renowned) chef have ended in a call to Pizza Hut. However, I’m totally going to make this tonight.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks!: Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce. Brace Yourselves, People.

(In other news, I’m back from the Philippines—hooray! More from me to come.)

Thinking of having a baby? You may need this.

The Secret Life of Gummy Bears

My friends, I’m not dead. After another long semester, my penultimate at the University of Illinois at Chicago and which earned me a spot on the Dean’s List, I have been resting and searching for something appropriate with which to return to the Flock. Thus, I give you The Secret Life of Gummy Bears:

Since we don’t know how many gummy bears have actually been released into the world, there’s just one immediate solution: Eat them


I’m off to the Philippines on Sunday for a month to do some archaeology, but I’ll try to return to active status here at Clusterflock. Hooray! :-)

Humans and monkeys, center stage

A new play captures the power struggles that can occur among troops of monkeys and the scientists studying them.


Will the sun ever set on the English language?

English was once the language in which power was exercised, note the authors, but now it is the language in which power is accessed. And in the future, speaking only English won’t be enough; the real advantage will go to those who are proficient in a multilingual, multicultural, increasingly interconnected world.


What’s in your milk?

A selected list of hormones, growth factors and other substances found in an 8-ounce glass of milk.

Organic is more expensive, but worth it, IMO.


Good advice

I’m not dead, BTW—just a little overwhelmed with school at the moment. Not book. Not book at all.

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Smash your enemy’s castle

More from MAKE:

With a trebuchet, you can smash your enemy’s castle or at least fling the heads of enemy spies into their courtyard. In the old days, the most important metric of a trebuchet is that it can fire farther than your enemy’s archers can shoot their arrows!

Make your own trebuchet here. Totally f-ing book, dude.

I should have voted for this one

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(Shit, it’s times like this that I wish I was straight…)

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