Ghoat in the Machine

Somebody asked me to remove a post so i (skeptically) tried logging on + lo + behold found these dudes still going at it!

Still running to stand still

Is there anybody out here?

Maybe not big in Japan, but …

Back in the saddle of riverside

Merry Xmas from Bali

Greetings from Timor-Leste

Meet the Elongate Heart Urchin

Met these strange creatures on a beach in southern Tanzania.

I also recently revisited Ethiopia, Lalibela in particular.

Gameshow vs. roadshow

 We have to create culture, don’t watch TV, don’t read magazines, don’t even listen to NPR. Create your own roadshow. The nexus of space and time where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe, and if you’re worrying about Michael Jackson or Bill Clinton or somebody else, then you are disempowered, you’re giving it all away to icons, icons which are maintained by an electronic media so that you want to dress like X or have lips like Y. This is shit-brained, this kind of thinking. That is all cultural diversion, and what is real is you and your friends and your associations, your highs, your orgasms, your hopes, your plans, your fears. And we are told ‘no’, we’re unimportant, we’re peripheral. ‘Get a degree, get a job, get a this, get a that.’ And then you’re a player, you don’t want to even play in that game. You want to reclaim your mind and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that’s being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world.

—Terrence McKenna

ground control to Angkor Thom

Energizer goat

Still running y’all. And still on the hunt for Topo Gigio.

Slovenly Elephants & Crystalline Waters

«Is ganesh a word, asked the commanding officer, Yes, a word, which, like all the others, can only be explained by more words, but since the words we use to explain things, successfully or not, will, in turn, have to be explained, our conversation will lead nowhere, the mistaken and the true will alternate, like some kind of curse, and we’ll never know what’s right and what’s wrong.»—José Saramago

More from a Balkan State of Mind I.

Nasty enough for the moniker?

Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins is the man the Waratahs need to stop if they want to defeat the Force.

Even blood language must be parsed

Incisions, incisions, incisions …

1 of 21 prints we made for the Rome launch of Ark Codex at Stamperia del Tevere.

Madame Flamingo

To compliment the Avian Serving Trays, this from a bestiary by Svjetlan Junaković:

And that’s not all—450 years before it’s time, he launched the idea of conceptual art with a brilliant idea: in the book held by madame Flamingo he placed a dedication to beauty and the deep love he felt for her.

More anthropomorphic images from Logos edizioni books here, including drawings from a book by Ericailcane (who I’ve mentioned here before).

Ark Codex ±0 launch

For those near NYC, I’ll be coming soon to launch the newest Calamari book, Ark Codex ±0:

• on February 28, from 7-10 pm, there will be a launch mixer/exhibit in NYC at Lolita Bar  &
• on March 3 at 8 pm there will be a launch party, featuring Tempers, at Collab (304 Hudson st, 6th floor)(please RSVP to this one)

For those not in NYC, the (physical) book is now available (at 25% off) on Amazon or as a pay-what-you-want digital book.

I’m also getting this tattooed on my belly for the occasion:

Decoding the Decodex (to the Codex Seraphinianus)

For those interested in Luigi Serafini’s Codex, I posted a hack translation of the accompanying «Decodex» that came with the most recent edition.

Ark Codex ±0 video

Video object for the Ark Codex ±0 book object which is forthcoming from Calamari Press.

Hüzün in the ruins of defeat

«It is the failure to experience hüzün that leads him to feel it, he suffers because he has not suffered enough, and it is by following this logic to conclusion that Islamic culture has come to hold hüzün in high esteem.»—Orhan Pamuk

More on Istanbul reading Pamuk.

Peacock for Clusterflock (by Sturnus Vulgaris)

Damn the Starlings

I know I keep going on about these damn birds, but I see them every evening & can’t get enough of them. Truly the most amazing display put on by any animal on this planet, and most Romans go about their evening commute home just annoyed that they shit all over their cars. Still going through my photos and videos, but these were the first two things I pulled from my camera unprocessed.

things to see in Rome when you think you’ve seen it all

Being that I’m on a moratorium against photographs on my own blog, I’ll break my sight-silence (sitence?) to show you some things you might otherwise not know about:

Read more

Venetian Vampires

A Manuscript called “De Masticatione Mortuorum, Latin for “The Chewing Dead,” offered helpful tips for those facing the walking (or chewing) dead, and prescribed practical treatments such as the aforementioned brick-in-mouth.

More on the art & gothic psychogeography of Venice.

Y ya no piensas, porque existen cosas más fuertes que la imaginación

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