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They never mention his full title. He was more than just and artist, He as a Ripoff Artist!

I hope someone pisses on your bones for pissing on Winnie the Pooh and grabbing ass while being an obnoxious drunk.

Rest in you warm place buddy.


GOOD, I did not like it when he pissed on Winnie the Pooh and said, “Here’s One for you Walt” Not very Christian family like now is it? Sell the Christian BS and profit from it…Not cool either.

quotes out of context

Burglars and con men can be great at what they do, but even if you admire them as puckish, chaotic-neutral antiheroes, you certainly wouldn’t want their means of employment to “catch on” any more than it already has; if *everybody* started behaving that way, we’d experience a net loss of awesome.

The bottom line on these experiments is, “More Net access, less rape.”

Who knew that being in space sounds like being trapped with a whale underwater in a tin pail?

Will they be hackable and if so, dangerous?

So here’s the story: On February 11, Horse_ebooks overtook Jack Dorsey’s Klout score (74.7).