neighbor’s house

Remembered from winter.


Not local, but very good.


Part of the (now closed) Iron City Brewery.

church on the hillside

The dome of Immaculate Heart of Mary on Polish Hill, and a closed warehouse.

The Ascent

Students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have combined an EEG reader with a flight harness, letting people fly when they calm themselves sufficiently.


Demolition rubble, an undemolished building, and sky.

printmaking – apple

Every year we celebrate Art All Night in Pittsburgh by making new work and taking it to show. Today I made a 3-in by 4-in linoleum block print. Sketched, carved, and printed. My husband was printing too, and he had the great idea to take a table into the back yard, so that we could work there. We ignored the dandelions and the ankle-high grass, and before long, our hands were inky and the lawn chairs were filled with prints drying in the sun. Perfect way to let late morning evolve into afternoon.

We dropped our work off before the deadline, went home for some supper, and returned to see the exhibition.


The lilacs have started blooming in our Pittsburgh backyard. Spring, for sure, and I’m glad to be posting here again after a break.


I love tulips just as they are about to fall apart.


Lilacs are now in full bloom here in Pittsburgh, and with the weather turning cool again this week, they may stay in bloom longer.

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