Ashley Alexandra Dupré’s tattoo

Meanwhile, N.Y.U. called us back. City Room’s query had set the department abuzz, said Nancy Smith-Amer, an administrative assistant. “I have something for you they seem to have all agreed to: ‘I fared well by protection.’”

We finally told Mr. Ensley, at Columbia, whose tattoo he was translating.

“Oh, God,” he said. “I guess on some weird level, if you wanted to translate it into some modern sense of the word, You could say, ‘I used protection.’

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Congress Debates Merits Of New Catchphrase


In Haiti, where three-quarters of the population earns less than $2 a day and one in five children is chronically malnourished, the one business booming amid all the gloom is the selling of patties made of mud, oil and sugar, typically consumed only by the most destitute.

“It’s salty and it has butter and you don’t know you’re eating dirt,” said Olwich Louis Jeune, 24, who has taken to eating them more often in recent months. “It makes your stomach quiet down.”

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What Every American Should Know About the Middle East

Most in the United States don’t know much about the Middle East or the people that live there. This lack of knowledge hurts our ability to understand world events and, consequently, our ability to hold intelligent opinions about those events.

For example, frighteningly few know the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims, and most think the words “Arab” and “Muslim” are pretty much interchangeable. They aren’t. So here’s a very brief primer aimed at raising the level of knowledge about the region to an absolute minimum.


Band names from “The Wire”

It strikes me that The Wire is great fodder for band names. My four favorites:

  • New Day Co-op
  • Snot Boogie
  • The Dickensian Aspect
  • Mr. Entrapment

What are your favorites?

Oh yeah,

I was quoted in the New York Times yesterday.

Falcon City

This planned city in the United Arab Emirates (built in the shape of a falcon!) will have larger-than-the-original replicas of all 7 ancient wonders of the world, a theme park, a gigantic mall, a 24-building plaza, and a 1,000,000 square-foot park. It seems like the kind of place a Bond villian would build.

Link, link to presentation video (WMV)

Elaine and Haley

After you tried to take the heat off yourself by telling your entire family that your husband and I were “way more drunk” than you, you decided to create a diversion by suggesting that you and I do a choreographed dance for your entire family. You were too far gone to realize that nothing says “look at me, I am super wasted” like performing a choreographed dance to a room full of sober Jewish family members.

Link, in which Elaine responds. This is too good to make up. Not always quite as acerbic as that, but always funny and very heartwarming.

“Breasts Like Martinis”

The bartender at Caesar’s tells jokes we’ve heard a hundred times.
A shoelace walks into a bar, for example. I whisper
Sarah Evers told me that joke in sixth grade and Josey says
My brother Steve, 1982. A whore, a midget, a Chinaman,
nothing we haven’t heard. Then a customer asks
Why are breasts like martinis? and they both start laughing.
They know this one, everybody knows this one, except


Shame on Larry King

The match-up was supposed to address Moore’s complaint about Gupta’s “hit piece,” as Moore calls it, giving the two the opportunity to square off on the facts. Instead, Moore found himself in the rare position of being shouted down, with King cutting him off to give Gupta the floor the event turned into a two-on-one wherein Larry King would interrupt Moore to give the floor to Gupta and then Gupta would refuse to let Moore break in (Moore: “That’s not true.” Gupta: “Give me one second, Michael. Let me just finish”).

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I stayed at work an extra half hour after I closed the bar so I could finish watch this. Unbelievable.

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