words we don’t say

tacked to the bulletin board in the office I took over was a single page titled “Words We Don’t Say.” It contained, as you might surmise, words and phrases that Kurt found annoying and didn’t want used in his magazine.

Texas Talk

Austin-based PUBLIC SCHOOL made a deck of alphabet cards to help out those of us who don’t talk Texan.

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AA Bondy – Rapture, Sweet Rapture


I’ve been singing this all day.

Where to Live to Avoid a Natural Disaster

Leave Texas, come to Oregon:

quote out of context

While Green was in the ocean, Wallace would routinely stand on the shore, yelling anecdotal statistics about shark attacks at her.


Curtis Jinkins’s interpretation of the Texas motto for Fifty and Fifty (via Public School)

minimalist mental disorder posters


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quote out of context

Microsoft soon regretted the terms of the deal; PowerPoint workers became known for a troublesome independence of spirit (and for rewarding themselves, now and then, with beautifully staged parties—caviar, string quartets, Renaissance-period fancy dress).

stamps of disapproval

Twelve stamps by Heather K. Phillips, via Swissmiss.

headline of the day, II

Catholic church gives blessing to iPhone app

quote out of context

The only disorderly conduct the jury found was that of the TSA officers.

headline of the day, III

New Zealand Woman Partially Paralyzed by Hickey

quote out of context

‘It’s lonely here,’ Martin says, as a single tear drips from his right eye.

negative attention is still attention

“Hello, My name is Stanley with DecorMyEyes.com,” the post began. “I just wanted to let you guys know that the more replies you people post, the more business and the more hits and sales I get. My goal is NEGATIVE advertisement.”

It’s all part of a sales strategy, he said. Online chatter about DecorMyEyes, even furious online chatter, pushed the site higher in Google search results, which led to greater sales. He closed with a sardonic expression of gratitude: “I never had the amount of traffic I have now since my 1st complaint. I am in heaven.”

This whole article is a doozy.

quote out of context

When I pointed to each of the healed-up gashes on his fists and asked what they were from, he replied, “Teeth. Teeth. These are all from teeth.” He charges $1,000 for every one that he knocks out of a person’s head. It’s the same price for each bone he breaks in a face, a practice that’s cost him a couple of knuckles.

the classroom reinvented

Slate ran a contest to reinvent the American classroom. Greg Stack and Natalia Nesmeainova won with their “Fifth Grade Exploration Studio.” If features an outdoor story circle, a “teacher base” and crops:

how to get out of jury duty

When asked by the judge in a Cleveland, Ohio, courtroom if any of the prospective jurors knew anyone who committed any crimes, Backderf raised his hand and said, “I had a close friend in high school who killed 17 people.” Backderf was friends with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in high school.

some people are born awesome

edward venti hands

one of five things that Lunchbreath imagines will happen with Starbucks serving beer

bait for a scuba diver + typography geek

Most type designers are understandably proud of their work. But Cobden-Sanderson, the maker of the beautiful Doves type, was so taken by it, and so keen that his former business partner shouldn’t use it after his death, that he resolved to drown every letter in the Thames. In 1916 he began loading up his bicycle under cover of darkness and throwing his font under Hammersmith bridge. He made more than 100 separate trips, a large undertaking for a man of 76. And much of it still remains in its watery grave, forming itself into such words as the tide dictates.

geek evolution

and which are you?

T. rex steak

tastes like chicken:

Based on the evolutionary tree, we might speculate that T. rex tasted more like poultry than, say, beef or pork.

I’m lovin’ it

Ezra Klein:

McDonald’s is currently trying to convince people that its burgers can, in fact, grow mold. This is considered a selling point, at least in the modern world.

Sir Ken Robinson, animated

the reification of pop culture recapitulates the fantasy of linguistic transparency

Write your own academic sentence, courtesy of the University of Chicago Writing Program.

Their sentence of the week is also pretty great.

(via David Michael)

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