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The “Iron Grip” of Guaranteed Universal Health Care Revealed


Ronald Reagan was a prominent participant in a massive American Medical Association PR campaign against a broadly supported single-payer universal health care system that was about to be approved in the United States in 1949, a final brick in the New Deal’s social insurance program. The AMA campaign, orchestrated by Clem Whitaker and Leone Baxter in league with the National Association of Manufacturers, effectively killed off a proposal that was earlier considered a shoe-in. Putting on an anti-communist horror show about America drowning in a whirlpool of socialistic robotization, their “success” insured that health care would not be an inalienable right for people in the United States. Like today, fear of a demonic enemy served as a cloak for assaults on the rights of ordinary Americans. Today, we live with the disastrous aftereffects of their success.

In the new Stereotype & Society, read what happened when an American woman, in response to a loss-of-sight emergency, found herself in the “iron grip” of a socialistic single-payer program in the Czech Republic. Her story will simply amaze.

Important News: Interactivity and Democracy (Duh!)

Fellow Flockers:

The newest issue of Rejected Letters to the Editor has just gone up. This issue we added an interactive feature will enhance the site as a meeting ground for continual discussion and debate over issues raised by the letters and op-eds we publish. This development and its genesis is explained in the editorial. Please have a look and a read and add comments that you think will edify people’s understanding of important issues and will promote public engagement.

Materials in this issue range from the endless war, our corrupt leaders, agribusiness’ building of Confined Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOs, on desperate family farms (a letter from a small farmer in Iowa), to the Nuremberg medical codes, set sixty years ago after the trial of Nazi doctors, that aren’t being followed by medical researchers today, to the pictorial depiction of grief following the Virginia Tech massacre, and much more. As word is getting out about the site, the range of letter writers is spreading.

Please let us know what you think. Please write letters to the editor and op-eds. If they get published, great! If not, send them on to us. Right now, we’re particularly looking for letters on immigration—hopefully some written by immigrants—and letters from Iraq war soldiers and veterans. We want international letters and perspectives as well. This issue has a letter about Thomas Friedman written by a professor of journalism at Al Quds University in Ramallah. (I don’t know how he found us, but he did.)

I hope you are finding Rejected Letters to the Editor interesting, informative and useful. And that you’re using your network to spread the word.

Best, Stuart

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Kindred Spirits:

The second issue of Rejected Letters to the Editor went up this morning. I think you’ll find interesting material in this one. Be sure to look at the editorial and linked materials. The professional editorial folks are not so hot on what we are trying to do.

This is a publication whose growth and quality is completely dependent on readers/writers. It is a work in progress and will continue to be. The grapevine telegraph needs to spread far and wide. This is beginning to happen. While the first issue was “farmed” from letters that came in via a massive email solicitation, this issue is, almost completely, built out of spontaneous responses from people who hear about the site and have something to submit.

The more that happens the better and more useful RLTE will be. Please visit the site. Have a look, and continue to spread the word, face-to-face and via the web.

Stuart Ewen