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Dirge – a lewd Dorothy Parker poem

The way we were became a tale
To caution would-be lovers.
A shroud, a veil, a pallid pall
Replaced our common covers.

Every ride down every street’s
A funeral procession.
An icy grip is every slip
Of your name as it’s mentioned.

The blackbirds in the garden
Sing a misérable chanson.
Oh how I miss the way my lips
Wrapped right around your johnson.

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Dave Vogt:

The urethra runs in a groove along the underside of the baculum, or os penis, and the bone’s main function is to provide rigidity aiding in copulation.

Popular mammals without ossa penis (It’s like attorneys general and whiskeys sour):
Horses, zebras, and donkeys
Whales, dolphins, and porpoises
Rabbits and hares

Unpopular mammals without ossa penis (You’re just going to have to take my word for it):